Project Purr has provided a spay/neuter veterinary package for feral cats/kittens to all residents of Santa Cruz County, regardless of income. Kitties must be at least 4 months (about 4 pounds).

The package includes:
Anesthesia, Spay/Neuter, FVRCP and Rabies Vaccines, Parasite Control, Mandatory Ear Tip (ear tipping is the humane surgical removal of 1/4 of the tip of the left ear which becomes a visible life-saving permanent identification mark)

All feral cats must be delivered to the clinic in humane traps.  Traps can be obtained from Santa Cruz County Animal Services in either Santa Cruz or Watsonville.

East Lake Animal Clinic is Proud to work along with Project Purr helping the feral cat community in Santa Cruz County.

Visit more information on feral cats. 

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